• I had just lost out on an opportunity and was looking for a new Realtor when I met Amber Devlin. I shared my situation with her, we were in a market with limited inventory, working with a strict budget and needed to find a 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom condo in a very specific location in Vancouver. There were so many factors to consider, my daughter needed to be close to her school and I needed a manageable commute time to work. At times I honestly didn't believe it was even possible to achieve or dream. Right away we knew that Amber was the right Realtor for us, she was supportive of our goals and helped us to narrow down our search. She patiently worked with us for many months while we searched, all this time she was constantly motivating us to not give up, to keep believing that our dream will come true. She was right. When we finally found what we were looking for (which was above our budget), she negotiated hard to help us get an accepted offer at a price which we could afford. We were so excited to finally have an accepted offer, we had wanted to be in this building for such a long time and now our dream had come true. Just when we thought that it couldn't get any better, the view was phenomenal which was something we never anticipated having. Even after the purchase Amber kept in touch, following up and responding to home ownership questions which we had. We felt that she was always in our corner, long after the deal closed.We were very happy with our experience working with Amber Devlin as our Realtor and highly recommend her if you are looking to buy in a competitive market.

    - N. Budaichiev
  • I hired Amber Devlin as my Realtor to sell my property in North Vancouver, I was very happy with how much work and effort she put into selling my home. She was timely, professional and took the lead with preparing my home for marketing. Since I was moving to another province and didn’t know which realtor to use in Ottawa, Amber helped me to find an agent that I could rely upon to help me buy a new home. This was a great success and I found a beautiful new home that went well beyond my expectations. My accepted offer on this new dream property meant that time was of the essence and Amber sold my home in time for me to close on this new property! Long distance moving takes so much planning and I decided that I didn't want to move my furniture across the country, Amber was able to negotiate furnishings into the deal and I was liberated from having to manage this huge task on my own. She truly made my move across the country so much easier and a huge success. I would recommend Amber as a realtor for my friends and family. C. Zosiak Ottawa

    - C.Zosiak